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Calgary Granite

Calgary Granite for Homeowners Who Take Pride in Their Homes

Granite tends to sell itself easily, because of its superior durability and luxurious look. Dannburg Floor Coverings has years of experience with granite in Calgary, and we want to share our knowledge and inventory with all our customers!

Granite 101: Making it Work for You

Granite is generally used in flooring and works particularly well in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. If you're considering granite in Calgary, there are several important things to keep in mind:

  • Appearance−Granite is sophisticated and elegant, comes in a variety of colours and patterns, and presents a uniquely mottled look in each tile, because of the natural forces that created the stone. Granite tiles are polished to a high gloss, so they easily capture the light and brighten a room. A customized look can be obtained by mixing tiles of varying colours and patterns.
  • Durability−Granite is one of the hardest materials used in stone tiles, so, unsurprisingly, it is long−lasting, durable, and virtually impervious to damage and wear.
  • Low maintenance−Granite floors are easy to clean with regular sweeping and mopping, and a granite sealant should be reapplied periodically to maintain surface smoothness and colour.
  • Requires expert installation−Because granite is so hard, it requires expert installation during the cutting and fitting process, as well as a perfectly level sub−floor to allow for proper alignment of tiles. Fortunately, Dannburg Floor Coverings have expert installers for Calgary granite, so you are covered!
  • Works well with sub-floor heating−Most stone flooring is colder underfoot, and granite is no exception. Installing sub−floor heating is an easy solution to cold floors when using granite or other stone in a colder−climate home.
  • Cautions−Because of its glossy finish, granite has the potential to be slippery, particularly if it becomes wet. However, a little caution goes a long way to preventing this! Your Dannburg representative can give you other safety tips for granite flooring when you come in.

The Beauty and Ease of Granite at Dannburg

Choose one of our beautiful options at Dannburg Floor Coverings, where we have over 65 combined years of experience in working with granite and other stone tiles! Ask us about pricing and installation, and then sit back, enjoy the gorgeous results, and prepare yourself for lots of compliments.

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