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Cork Flooring Calgary

Cork Flooring: A Gentle Option

Cork trees are predominant in Southern Europe, and when they naturally shed their bark, it is hand harvested and made into beautiful, eco-friendly flooring material. Dannburg Floor Coverings offers this cushioned cork flooring for Calgary homeowners who are interested in a uniquely beautiful option for their home.

Cork Considerations

Although it may appear that cork flooring is a new trend, cork has been used in flooring since the late 1800s. One of the reasons it has re−emerged today is because it is a viable step for those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. Cork has strict harvesting regulations to ensure that the trees remain unharmed by harvesting processes. Healthy cork trees can live close to 500 years, making them an excellent choice for ecologically sound flooring.

Cork flooring has many other benefits, too:

  • It withstands foot traffic and provides a softer walking surface than tile, hardwood, or laminate
  • Cork floors tend to be resistant to bugs, mildew, and moulds
  • Cork flooring is a great choice for allergy sufferers
  • Cork stores warmth, making it a great non−carpeting choice for comfort
  • Cork offers a level of sound-proofing for acoustically "live" spaces
  • It is naturally shock absorbing, making dropped fragile items (dishes, glasses) less likely to break
  • It is helpful for those with joint conditions

Keep in mind that cork remains in its best condition when kept away from constant sunlight, which may fade it. Because it is somewhat soft, it may not hold up well to excessively heavy furniture or pet claws, and should be maintained through a Torlys maintenance kit. However, for most, cork flooring is a great option for the home!

Dannburg Floor Coverings is proud to feature Torlys brand flooring as a premier option for cork flooring in Calgary. Stop by our showroom and speak with a flooring representative about colours and style options today!